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Thursday, March 29, 2012




These days, everybody is sharing. When did we all become so nice? 'All dishes are designed to be shared and will be brought out when ready' we are told as menus are placed in front of us at Aurelia.

We don't mind sharing, in fact it saves us getting food envy when we're not the one who has chosen the best dish. However, one does often wonder whether it's just restaurants relinquishing responsibility - 'It's far too tricky to serve the courses in order so we'll tell them that we operate a ‘sharing concept’ and bring out the food when we're ready!' We jest, obviously, because food sharing is fun and it seems that practically every other new opening is doing it so it's clearly winning diners over.

Aurelia joins us from the team who gave us Zuma and Roka, so from the start we know this is going to be a sharing restaurant with a hefty price tag (here's hoping that we get to 'share' the bill). We were not wrong, however it is still just possible to have a meal for two, with wine and water and stay within the £150 bracket.

The restaurant is certainly buzzy with beautiful bright young things in all the right labels. Laid back lounge music plays out, which together with the sleek interiors and charming staff creates a modern uplifting atmosphere to dine in.

To start we had the jamon croquetas (served with a roasted tomato mayo) which were luxuriously creamy and melty, alongside another dish named Sobrasada, which can only be described as a sort-of Moroccan sausage ragu. Very unusual but it worked well when spread over the honey and walnut crostini it is served with.

For mains (and these can be brought out secondary if requested) we had the Tuna steak nicoise, which comes perfectly pink with a small side salad accompaniment, and the Queen Scallop dish. This comes with around ten to a plate and are delicately flavoured with garlic and chorizo crumbs. A light but tasty option. Surprisingly the mixed leaf salad accompaniment addition we opted for was more than adequate for two people to share and pretty good value at £4.

Dessert was the Tarte Tatin which had a slightly soggy base, but we didn't mind since the taste was so good. It comes served with the most realistic vanilla ice cream we've tasted in London. Absolutely spot on. Of course, we couldn't resist a cheeky Espresso Martini, which at Aurelia is made more creamy than usual but just as punchy. We just wanted to ‘share’ that with you.....

13 – 14 Cork Street, W1S 3NS

Average price for main meal: £25
Average price for a glass of wine: £9
Food/Drink: 4/5
Service: 4/5
Value: 3/5

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