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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Why I love Adventure Bar

Competition between cocktail bars in Covent Garden is massive, so when South London mini-chain Adventure Bar moved into central they had to get it right. The locals of Balham, Clapham and East Dulwich have known about these alcohol-fuelled dens of iniquity for a while but now the mayhem has been unleashed on the after-work crowd and tourists of Covent Garden.

The menu promises that the bar is "like riding a London Mule through Key West with an Oompa Lumpa while Ziggy Stardust has Sex On The Beach with a Porn Star", which is not only a succinct way of wedging six of their recommended cocktails into one sentence but also pretty close to what you'll see when you stumble out of here after one martini too many.

Sarah, Highbury

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