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Friday, March 23, 2012

Why I love Meat Liquor

I'm not generally used to queuing for restaurants, well besides the odd 20 minute wait for a table at Pizza Hut anyway. It was, however, something my friends and I found myself doing outside new central London sensation Meat Liquor. In fact, we queued for about an hour but were warned that the queue (the general idea of which is to build buzz and hype) would be long.

One of the many restaurants popping up that refuse to take reservations, Meat Liquor even goes so far as having people who turn up late go to the back of the queue even if their friends are already inside.

By the time we got in, were seated and had our orders taken, we were slightly disgruntled at the wait and ravenous for our food. It wasn't long before our bad moods dissipated, however, as we were presented with our fare. We plumped for the chilli cheeseburger along with some chilli cheese fries and both were absolutely delicious. The burger itself was cooked to perfection; beautifully crisp on the outside but tender and slightly pink in the middle and the accompanying toppings were excellent. It's even harder to fault the fries.

The atmosphere at Meat Liquor is unique; it's dark, the music is loud, there are some very strange pictures dotted around and fake blood stains splatter the walls. But, it's there is nothing else like it, and after you've spent an hour grumbling about being in a queue for too long, you don't want just another McDonald's. And you don't get just another McDonald's, with the d├ęcor or the food.

Patrick, Clapton

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