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Monday, April 16, 2012

Tutti Frutti

Frozen Yoghurt
Covent Garden

Tutti Frutti frozen yoghurt (or ‘froyo’ as the cool kids like to call it) is the latest frozen yoghurt franchise to grace our shores. Already a well established global brand (set to reach 700 stores come end of July) the first store to open in the UK is found near Covent Garden.

Tutti Frutti isn’t just your average frozen yoghurt store, as it puts the fun back into the frozen treat. Remember when you were a kid and you watched the ice cream van man pump out a Mr Whippy and you wished you could have a go? Well, now you can. Tutti Frutti lets the customer pump their own frozen yoghurt, and not just in three or four flavours- Tutti Frutti have more flavour varieties than you could wish for. Think raspberry, blueberry, vanilla, death by chocolate, pomegranate and peanut butter to name just a few. Our personal favourite was the lychee which was light, tangy and refreshing.

 After having fun with the self service pumps we moved onto the topping counters where you can chose between naughty or nice toppings. Naughty consists of Oreo cookies, mint chocolate Aero, chocolate buttons, M & Ms or jellied sweets. Nice consists of ingredients such as various fruits, Alpen and granola. There is so much choice that it’s hard not to go crazy and end up with a cup of piled high mess. But, we reckon that’s all part of the fun.
After paying for your cup (and we should note that prices are very reasonable, at the time of our visit we heard one young customer scream with delight and how ‘cheap’ her pot was considering she’d piled it high with frozen yoghurt and then a multitude of toppings) you can eat inside the funky and modern looking store. Colours are bright and lively and there are around 50 seats and tables. The store is on two levels, street and basement. It’s good to mention at this point that the basement can be hired for children’s parties or to host events.

Alongside the frozen yoghurt, which of course is the main attraction, Tutti Frutti also serves freshly squeezed juices and are in the process of offering some hot food options, but these were not available at the time of visiting. It is these ‘extras’ that will surely differentiate Tutti Frutti from its rivals, not to mention the quirky branding which includes the sponsorship of Moto GP rider Danny Webb. The reason we know all this? Tutti Frutti staff are extremely welcoming and proud of their brand and always on hand to talk to customers and explain the concept.

One thing that we did notice was the mix of customers coming through the doors. It seems that you are never too old for frozen yoghurt, and definitely never too old to load up on the naughty toppings. Bye-bye Mr Whippy and hello Tutti Frutti.

2 Bedford Street, WC2E 9HH
Average price for a regular cup with toppings: £5


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