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Thursday, June 14, 2012

The Bratwurst


The Bratwurst has a real passion for gourmet sausages and quote themselves as saying “they are the finest sausages available in England”. We popped in to their little restaurant on Berwick Street one lunch time to find out.

Single bratwurst with mustard: big, juicy and meaty
Overall, we were really impressed by the experience. We were feeling quite hungry but did not having a lot to spend, so we chose a currywurst meal which comes in under £5. Perfect! For the uninitiated, currywurst is a classic German dish consisting of sausage covered with a slightly sweet curry sauce, which was excellently complimented by a big pile of chips. The gourmet sausages are all made to a secret recipe and have a seriously high meat content, so these are really a cut above your average banger.

Although not for the health-concious, The Bratwurst was a tasty and filling lunch. The Soho location is quite small and simple, so perhaps not ideal for a long lunch, but as a fast-food joint, it provides a great alternative to chain restaurant. The menu also include schnitzel and burgers which look really good.

If you like sausages, we'd definitely recommend The Bratwurst, so go for it and tell us your thoughts… We will definitely be going back.

38 Berwick Street, W1F 8RT


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