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Monday, June 17, 2013



Don't be fooled, Galeto isn't some sort of posh Italian ice cream. Galeto is in fact a type of Brazilian street food, and this new Soho opening celebrates informal Latin food and cocktails with all the buzzing atmosphere of a Rio street party.

Meaning 'little chicken' in Portuguese, galeto is unsuprisingly the house speciality. Half a marinated grilled chicken is served with fries and is more than a cut above your average Nando's. Barbecued over coal, the chicken is smoky on the outside and succulent in the middle. The fries are perfectly crunchy with fluffy centres and are pretty addictive.

Naturally, being a Brazilian restaurant, the menu is decidedly meaty, and aside from the galeto, the focus is mainly on steak and burgers. The mark of a good burger is the quality of the meat used, and Galeto's cheeseburger is first class, being hand-made from quality chopped steak. The meat is complemented by a rich layer of cheese and a slightly sweet brioche bun, and also served with fries.

Other highlights on the menu included coxinha - a croquette stuffed with chicken and mashed potato in breadcrumbs, marinated chicken hearts and, on the dessert menu, mini doughnuts with chocolate sauce and, best of all, pavé de limao (layers of cookies topped with cream and limes).

The drinks are equally as good as the food, if not better, with particularly punchy caipirinhas (a double shot for just £6) and a delicious Brazilian lager Palma Louca (we want more of these please).

Galeto isn't just for dining, it's for meeting people, mingling and socialising too. After a few caipirinhas, it's carnival time and no one parties like Brazilians. With the World Cup and Olympics in Brazil in a few years, it’s time to embrace the samba at Galeto!

33 Dean Street, W1D 4PW


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