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Monday, November 11, 2013

Wigwambam at Queen of Hoxton

Winter's here again and so is Wigwambam on the roof of the Queen of Hoxton. Ironically, when we visited recently, it was balmier than it was for the launch of their summer roof garden in April, but it did not deter the buzz of people from the rooftop, gathering both inside the warm wigwam and outside by the numerous little campfires. We were greeted with a glass of warm spiced punch from the bar hosted inside the wigwam, where a variety of hot alcoholic drinks can be found. Then we opted to try the hot buttered rum, purely on the basis that it sounded like the butterbeers that Harry Potter drinks. Sadly, it did not taste like a butterbeer, mostly due to the surprise addition of Star Anise giving an aniseedy flavour (fine if you like aniseed). We decided it was time to move on to some ‘normal drinks’ from the outside bar and onto the food.

The food is cooked in the middle of the wigwam on an open grill, adding to the atmosphere and warmth inside. We would have happily eaten any of the dishes on the menu and, after a struggle, chose the leg of pork and leg of lamb, served in buns with a delicious chestnut and herb stuffing, potato and dill and pickled red cabbage salads. The food was quick, uncomplicated and extremely tasty. If you fancy something sweet for pudding, try the marshmallows which you can toast on one of the open fires, or one of the cocktails; the Cheeky Chocolate Monkey seemed to be a popular choice - hot cocoa with a cheeky shot of Monkey Shoulder Whisky topped with whipped cream, sweet syrup and vanilla biscuits.

Wigwambam is a lovely evening all round, but for us it is the atmosphere and cosy little fires that makes us want to go back. This is a fantastic place for Christmas drinks, although this time we'll make sure we don't pick the smoky seat downwind from the fire – I don't fancy washing the bonfire smell out of my scarf again just yet.

1-5 Curtain Road, EC2A 3JX

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