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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Pieminister Cattle Drive


Pieminister has been taking the country by storm since its launch in Bristol in 2003, and today you can even find a shop peddling its pastry encrusted wares in the Netherlands. We recently checked out Pieminister’s latest initiative, the Pieminister Cattle Drive, which has been set up to help raise £40,000 for a Bath based charity working towards building 30 new farms for 30 families in various countries throughout Africa.

Part of this campaign was previously focused at the Cattle Market pop-up shop located on Chalk Farm Road in Camden. Here, you could get a delicious pie for FREE… Well, not quite for free, as the team asked for donations in return, but all of the proceeds of the shop went direct to the campaign. Sadly, it has now shut up shop, but plenty of other venues around town still serve up its delicious pies all year round.

Anyone who knows the name Pieminister, will know that they are in for a treat whenever they visit. Although a reduced menu is available at the Cattle Drive pop-up, we were still spoiled for choice. We plumped for a classic Moo Pie and a Heidi Pie, both with a side-serving of mash and gravy - of course. The Moo Pie, one of their many beef variants, is Pieminister’s take on the classic steak and ale pie, whilst the Heidi Pie, one of the options available to herbivorous pie lovers, came with a delicious combination of goat’s cheese, sweet potato, spinach and red onion.

Both pies were excellent as always, and combined with the mash and gravy proved a thoroughly delicious and filling treat. We were a bit sceptical about how the gravy would work with the filling in the Heidi, but honestly, it added to the experience, lubricating the pastry and working its magic on the sweet potato within.
There really is something for everyone in the Pieminister range and with part of the purchase of any of their pies bearing a velvet cow going to such a good cause, it would be rude not to take advantage. So get involved, help change some lives and vote for the one minister we can all believe in!

91 Leather Lane, EC1N 7TS


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