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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Rodizio Lebanon

Fulham Broadway

We love meat. We also love Brazilian food. So, it’s no surprise that we can sometimes be found taking advantage of London’s share of churrascos (Brazilian barbecues) serving up mountains of beef, pork, lamb, chicken and various other meats, many of which are served rodizio style, where waiters bring huge skewers of meat to each table to serve you what could essentially be a never-ending feast. Rodizio Rico is one such example, with branches in Islington, Notting Hill and at the O2, but its branch in Fulham Broadway has recently been transformed from ‘Rodizio Rico’ to ‘Rodizio Lebanon’; a departure not just in name, but also in cuisine, with Brazilian dishes substituted for Lebanese food.

Lebanon? And Brazil? Together? Sounds a little crazy but it’s important to note that this is not a fusion restaurant serving some sort of South American/Middle Eastern hybrid. This is an entirely Lebanese menu, cooked by a Lebanese chef, except it is served in a Brazilian style - rodizio style. Once we stopped to think about it, it begun to feel entirely logical. Lebanese meat is often cooked on skewers (a shish kebab for example), and so serving in this way makes perfect sense.

So, for a fixed price, customers at Rodizio Lebanon can have an unlimited amount of food, with waiters serving meat for as long as you want it. All customers are issued with a double-sided card, one side being green to indicate to staff that they can continue to side to load your plate, the other side being red, meaning you would like a break.

The meat was delicious, and so we were tempted to leave the card green side up all night. We enjoyed crispy chicken wings and chicken legs, smoky steak, marinated chicken breast, garlic bread and squeaky soft chunks of halloumi. Our highlights were the spicy chicken sausages (with real chillies bursting through) and the lamb cutlets, both real treats that we could eat all night. The lamb was barbecued to perfection, slightly pink in the middle and melted in the mouth. There were two types of sausage, the second being bright red lamb. Both had a kick to them that tingled the tongue in a very pleasant way and are the first things we’ll be looking out for when we next visit.

Alongside the rodzio, customers are also encouraged to help themselves to the large mezze selection in the centre of the room. A huge range of cold dishes from tabbouleh and houmous, to tahini and stuffed vine leaves. There’s also a number of hot dishes, including lightly spiced chicken stews and vegetable dishes. Much as we loved the meat, the mezze provided a necessary counterweight. Luckily, we had a little room left for dessert and enjoyed a few cubes of sweet baklava to round off the meal.

As a brand new concept, it may take a little while for the public to understand what  Rodizio Lebanon offers. We visited early one midweek evening and guests were few and far between, although it did begin to fill up later which helped develop the atmosphere. Churrascarias need a lively atmosphere, and so next time we visit we’ll be going for a weekend evening instead. Ultimately, the food is excellent and unlimited meat can never be a bad thing. Maybe more cuisines need to be served rodizio style…

11 Jerdan Place, SW6 1BE

Food/Drink: 4/5
Service: 5/5
Value: 5/5
Rodizio: £25


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