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Monday, July 22, 2013

The Lord Palmerston

Tufnell Park

Regular readers may recall our visit to Tufnell Park gastropub, The Lord Palmerston, earlier this year, where we experienced its Thursday evening steak night. But now, with the sun finally making an appearance and the temperature rising, it seemed appropriate for us to make a re-visit and try the summer barbecue menu, dining  al fresco in its hidden garden.

Decent beer gardens in North London are few and far between so if, like us, you'd rather not sit next to the traffic, The Lord Palmerston's garden is an ideal location, accessible at the rear of the building through the pub and up a staircase. A very civilised patio area, the garden is ideal for a cocktail or two in the sunshine, and for the hungry, a terrific list of barbecue food.

At a barbecue, we've been known to go a little crazy and devour whole racks of ribs and entire chickens. Ok, that's a slight exaggeration, but you get the idea, we really like barbecue food. But at The Lord Palmerston, all we could eat was a single pork rib, a single beef rib and a single portion of chicken. Not because we weren't hungry and certainly not because we didn't enjoy it; just simply because the food here is gigantic. Oversized. Huge.

So, if you like your meat, you'll be at home here, the massive portions of tender meat in sticky glazes are made for long sunny evenings, to be enjoyed with a few bottles of the imported American craft beers. It's almost as if they were created the be enjoyed together.

Life is too short to spend trying to light the tiny barbecue in your back garden and if you're prone to burning the sausages or cremating them entirely, it seems a much better idea to let The Lord Palmerston take the strain and grill up a summer feast.

33 Dartmouth Park Hill, NW5 1HU


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