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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Ludlow Food Festival

For one week only, the Ludlow Food Festival came to London from Shropshire (yes, we had to Google where Ludlow is). The food festival was set up in 1995 to promote Ludlow's small food and drinks producers and to drive trade to the nearby shops and restaurants. It was so successful that it has been going ever since.

We were greeted on arrival at Park lane’s Intercontinental Hotel with a crisp glass of white wine, which we assumed was just to provide some refreshment as we walked around the various stalls. Little did we know this wine was actually produced in England. Walking around, it became very apparent that there was huge enthusiasm from the suppliers who produced the food and drink, which was in turn, greeted by our own enthusiasm when we had the chance to eat and drink it. All were happy to chat about their products and how they make them.

We started at the cheese stall and followed it with another cheese stall - you can never have too much cheese. Following that, a particular highlight was the roast beef, which was so tender it could have been cut with a spoon, but this might be frowned upon in polite company.

Next up, the vodka stall. We were slightly sceptical about sipping vodka without a mixer, but the quality was so high that we soon realised adding a mixer would ruin it, much like a good whisky. Having followed this with a gin and a couple of liqueurs, we thought it might be sensible to soak it up with some more food, so we moved on to the salami stand. The owner talked through each of the salamis, each slightly different but equally delicious sounding. We couldn't choose so asked for a recommendation, to which we were told we could try a little of each if we wanted. We accepted the challenge and got started on the first. It was only after salami number four that the stall owner realised we were actually serious about trying them all and faced with his reaction, we made a quick getaway.

The visit from the Ludlow Food Festival made for a great evening with fantastic food and drink. In fact, it was so good we are now thinking of heading up to Ludlow in September to the main food festival on 13-15 September, which is host to 160 exhibitors demonstrating their produce and top chefs, exciting innovative products and family fun. If you’re passionate about food, then book your tickets now for an exciting weekend.

Adult tickets are £8.50 for one day or £15 for a two-day ticket.

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